A bold, brave solution to globalization

A bold, brave solution to globalization
Globalization is in our hands.
Drafting a bold and brave solution to globalization

As a grade twelve student, I can’t claim any profound understanding of innovation. It often seems like a distant concept that lacks practical application. Businessspeak, along the same vein as “synergy”.

I feel the same way about globalization. It’s a concept that seems to benefit only a few large companies at the top of the wealth pyramid.

With hundreds of varying government trade policies, competitors and structures, it’s practically impossible for a small group to get a running start let alone to compete with the titans. What are the small folks to do?

The youthful idealist in me finds the idea of a more equitable globalization, and the steps to achieve it, endlessly interesting. The optimist in me knows that if we gather the right people together, we can draft a bold and brave solution to any challenge.

For small companies and new markets, there are challenges everywhere. You’re not just competing with the company down the road but the company across an ocean. I can understand why small companies feel overwhelmed.

There has to be a better way to do things. This is why I am so very happy to be reporting at the upcoming Innovation Across Borders at MaRS, tomorrow and Friday.

Bringing together speakers and companies from the public and private sector, in the hopes of blueprinting a new globalization. I’m not an expert on innovation and collaboration can seem vague. Yet the opportunity for an unprecedented dialogue on making this thing called globalization work for everyone is truly exciting.

I’m looking for answers to some big questions. I don’t know if we will get them but with this conference, we might finally have a running shot.

This conference will be a truly global summit on innovation. While we are lucky to have speakers like Kevin Lynch, Vice Chair of BMO Financial Group, I am also intensely interested in global voices like Dr. R.M.P. Jawahar, Executive Director of TrecStep India, and Wang Rong, Director of Shanghai Technology Innovation Center.

I feel intensely lucky to be witness to this incredible event and will be happily reporting live from the floor. I can’t forecast if my questions will be answered but I think, given the range and depth of the speakers, we’re bound to get something worthwhile.

I look forward to giving you regular updates from Innovation Across Borders and especially look forward to hearing a range of global voices.

Let’s do this, and let’s do it right.