A different kind of English class

What if you could teach English from the comfort of your home?

MaRS client, WeblishPal, has created a social English teaching hub for “connecting English learners with native English speakers”.   Teachers conduct 30-minute classes based on a broad range of topics, including current popular events. The cool thing: as a teacher, you can get paid. Teachers charge a minimum of $5 per 30-minute class. The site works extremely well for folks interested in speaking English to improve their skills in an informal setting.

As a teacher, you can get started by creating your profile, then your class (topic and what you intend to cover) and finally, you can schedule it for one day or every day of the week. The technology is impressive. Essentially, the teaching technology is baked into the site, so your own computer’s webcam is picked up when teachers/students enter the class. Video screens load up in the WeblishPal website (you don’t need to dial in with skype).

As a student, you get to learn English in an informal environment. WeblishPal will help students immerse themselves. This will work well especially for students who have learned the fundamentals, but want to practice their English skills. Its also fun as teachers can use popular events of the day in their lessons which may be more engaging for some students compared to typical English classes talking about Dick and Jane or Jane Eyre.

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