Avoid accidental branding: 3 hot brand design tips

Create an exceptional brand
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Which comes first for a startup:  marketing, advertising, or branding?

If you didn’t answer branding, read on.

Branding is an often misunderstood concept and, being misunderstood, the value it can bring to a company when it’s done right can be overlooked. Your brand is more than your logo or your name, more than the product or service you sell.  It’s the promise or personality of your company and the value of the products or services you sell as viewed by your customers.  It what clearly distinguishes you from your competition in the minds of your customers.

Similarly, it’s a mistake to think that advertising builds a brand or that your brand will build itself over time via sales and word-of-mouth. An entrepreneur should put a lot of thought into designing a startup’s brand during the company’s inception and not wait to do this until they can hire a branding expert to help.  Getting the brand right from the beginning is tremendously important, as it’s not as easy to change your logo or brand messaging later on. Cue a branding expert to help you.

Julie Mitchell, an entrepreneur and founder of brand design firm Parcel Design, recently shared the 3 tips that she uses when designing brands for clients during her Best Practices series presentation Create an Exceptional Brand.  Check out the short video to hear her 3 brand design tips.

You can also see the entire Best Practices presentation where she talks through her own branding decisions and experience when she started her own company as a brand expert here.