Best of the best: B Corp champions

Note: This blog was originally posted on and is republished here with permission from the author. To read the Financial Post’s companion piece, see Canadian B Corps among “Best for the “World.”

At the beginning of February we announced and celebrated the 39 Founding Canadian B Corporations. Now we have reason to celebrate again.

Today B Lab released the first ‘Best for the World’ lists, recognizing B Corps creating the most positive overall social and environmental impact. The ‘Best for the World’ companies score in the top 10% among more than 500 Certified B Corporations, in one of the most comprehensive and independent assessments of overall corporate impact. B Lab also released separate lists of the ‘Best for the Environment’, ‘Best for the Community’, and ‘Best for Workers’.

Included in the “Best for” lists are no less than six Canadian B Corps: Bullfrog Power (For the Environment), Salt Spring Coffee (For the Environment), PeaceWorks Technology Solutions (For the Workers, For the Community) Enviro-Stewards (Overall Impact – less than 10 employees), The Sustainability Advantage (Overall Impact – less than 10 employees) and Sustainability Television (Overall Impact – less than 10 employees). PeaceWorks Technology Solutions was recognized as 1 of only 6 companies globally named as “Best for the World” in multiple impact areas.

“These companies are leading a global movement to redefine success in business,” said Jay Coen Gilbert, co-founder of B Lab, the nonprofit organization that certifies B Corporations and governs the independent third party standard used to generate the comparable assessment of corporate impact. “These companies are the best in the world at being the best for the world,” Coen Gilbert added.

Best for the Environment

Bullfrog Power, “Canada’s 100% green energy provider”, is no stranger to the spotlight. They recently announcing the launch of the Chevrolet Volt Bullfrog Power Edition – Canada’s first electric vehicle (EV), bundled with emissions-free, renewable electricity. Bullfrog Power has helped companies power their operations with renewable energy from Unilever to Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Salt Spring Coffee, a coffee producer and retailer in British Columbia opened their doors in 1996 with the mission of operating their business in the most socially responsible and environmentally conscious way that they could. This includes sourcing organic coffee directly from farmers, encouraging long-term purchasing contracts with higher than fair trade base prices, being carbon neutral since 2007 and having their Viking Roasting Facility powered by their good friends Bullfrog Power! Way to push each other to the top!

Best for Community and Best for Workers

PeaceWorks Technology Solutions, a technology solutions provider was conceived with the concepts of justice and affordability in mind. Their fees vary depending on the financial strength of the organization, with rates geared towards non-profit/charities, and for business.

“’Best for the World’ is juxtaposed with ‘Best in the World’, emphasizing that it’s not all about us,” says Nolan Andres, Founder and CEO, Peaceworks Technology Solutions, “It’s about addressing social injustice, widening the definition of community and recognizing our inherent interdependence. We’d rather be ‘Best for the World’ any day of the week.”

Best for Overall Impact – less than 10 employees

The Enviro-Stewards mandate is to help their clients conserve their resources and effectively address their environmental liabilities. They are also heavily involved in providing clean drinking water to South Sudan through the use of bio-filters. They were recently featured on CTV News for their water projects overseas.

The Sustainability Advantage is the company behind leading author Bob Willard with a two-fold mission; inspiring business leaders to integrate sustainability strategies into company strategies and to provide useful resources for an army of sustainability champions to accelerate the transformation toward a sustainable global society.

Sustainability Television is an Internet broadcaster and social media network based in Richmond, B.C. that promotes healthy, sustainable communities and lifestyles.

The complete ‘Best for the World’ lists are featured in the just released 2012 B Corp Annual Report [PDF]. I am extremely proud that these 6 companies represent Canada as front-runners in the driving movement to a new stakeholder economy. We congratulate you all and thank you for your amazing leadership!

Update: Special mention needs to be made for Patagonia being included as “Best for the Environment.” While they are a US Company incorporated in California (as a Benefit Corporation), they do have a retail store in Toronto, Canada. The team in Canada has been exceptional with their promoting efforts for B Corp local awareness!