Black Friday and beyond: Shop N Chill launches

Congrats to MaRS client, Inventmode, who launched Shop N Chill to a roster of retailers and keen consumers. Shop N Chill is a virtual social shopping platform utilizing innovative features the company says are “revolutionizing the online shopping experience.”

Consumers can browse from a plethora of retailers in Canada, Britain, France and the U.S., schedule virtual shopping trips with friends, blog and purchase items conveniently via the online storefront. Within minutes consumers can register and invite friends for a shopping trip.

For retailers, Shop N Chill offers the opportunity to clear inventory, promote offerings and introduce new merchandise by advertising products to the Shop N Chill consuming audience. The benefit is consumers can now shop at multiple retailers at one online destination and with their friends and family. Considering the stress which can be caused by shopping during the holiday season, Shop N Chill is solving a major consumer challenge.