On the Scene: Canada’s consumer and commerce innovation landscape

On the Scene: Canada’s consumer and commerce innovation landscape

The convergence of new technologies, the rise of data capture and analytics capabilities, and the increasing connectivity of the world are all redefining consumer and commercial experiences. Unsurprisingly, Canadian companies are on the front lines of this new territory.

Both inside and outside of the MaRS Consumer & Commerce portfolio, Canadian companies are raising more capital than ever before. They’re also impacting how people are consuming and communicating, and how companies are operating and advertising.


In this report, we look back to see which Canadian companies made a splash on the scene in 2015. By analyzing the capital raised over the past year, we can understand: a) which consumer and commerce verticals are seeing the most activity here in Canada (such as wearables and foodtech); and b) which specific, innovative consumer and enterprise business-to-business companies are gaining traction in the market.

The report also looks forward, highlighting the technology trends, emerging markets and industries, and new consumer segments that are likely to revolutionize the ways that consumers and enterprises function and interact over the next 10 years.

Some of the report’s key focuses include:

  • technology, including augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the rise of the Internet of Things;
  • markets, including the rise of consumer and commerce activity and innovation outside of North America and Europe;
  • marketing, including how emotion-based advertising will alter the ways that companies identify and communicate with their consumers;
  • going beyond millennials and getting a glimpse of Generation Z consumers;
  • mobility, including the industries where transportation and emerging technologies meet; and
  • space and innovation beyond Earth.

On the Scene: MaRS Consumer & Commerce — A look back and forward