Career Edge Achievement Awards

Career Edge Organization, a national not-for-profit, has worked with over 1000 employers across Canada to provide meaningful work experiences through paid internships for recent graduates, those with disabilities and internationally qualified professionals.

I’ve used Career Edge interns for several years now and have been very pleased with not only the quality of the interns but their passion for the opportunity they have been given – one not normally open to new grads.

Recently, Career Edge held their annual Achievement Awards at the Toronto Board of Trade offices. I’m very pleased to report that SiG@MaRS’ own intern, Marisa Fortune, received honourable mention for her tenure with us – one that recently turned into full-time employment with our team.

If you’re looking to hire entry-level staff with great education and commitment that more than makes up for their lack of experience, consider Career Edge Organization. Our nomination of Marisa is below so you can see what a difference she has made to our program.

Nomination of Marisa Fortune – Career Edge Intern – Honourable Mention 2010

Do you know what a social venture is? Marisa, our Career Edge intern does. She not only understands this emergent field, she has taken on leadership for profiling these social entrepreneurs and the organizations they run, through her development of the groundbreaking Social Venture Registry.

She has embraced the data management system, Salesforce, to help us understand the metrics we are achieving and how to effectively report on this to our funders.

She manages the planning needs of our expanding team and an over-scheduled director.

She continually seeks out opportunities for learning through additional research and then shares that information through her blogs.

She organizes, she plans, she represents us at events — all with a charming, engaging and delightful personality. Her grace and calm, professional manner makes her an extremely effective liaison between SiG and our community.

And there’s more: she also works hard to add value to our team through integration of her education in the areas of social justice and equity — qualities valued by both clients and her colleagues.

Marisa has been a delightful and dedicated member of the SiG@MaRS team and she wholly deserves this recognition.