Nominate a Canadian changemaker

Do you know a changemaker?
Do you know a changemaker?

If you were to identify the leading Canadian activists, elected officials and thought leaders whose position, insight and prominence enable them to speak on an issue of significance and make an impact – either at the grassroots, in the academy, in politics, or in popular culture — whom would you choose? is trying to find “Changemakers who have the greatest capacity to spark lasting change on issues of importance”. They give some great US examples but I know Canada can step up to the challenge.  Who would you nominate? Let’s make sure our great changemakers get the recognition they deserve.

What do they win? Each identified changemaker will write on about their work and enlist the support of’s network of activists and affiliated bloggers to magnify their impact. 
And that’s a large audience of people who are interested in causes.

You can vote for up to 10 and the current nominees include some of the most important thinkers and activists in the world (though Canada is surely underrepresented): Elizabeth Edwards on health care, professor Jeffrey Sachs on global poverty, Charlize Theron on gay rights, or Senator Jim Webb on criminal justice. Whomever makes the cut, it’s hoped that, together with their leadership and millions of people mobilized behind them across the web and around the world, we can make lasting change.

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