Cleantech reward: $60,000!

What better way to start my MaRS Cleantech blog than to inform all those aspiring cleantech entrepreneurs of a $60,000 award! Ok, it’s not cash – but it is high-value access to Global 500 executives at’s exclusive Fortune 500 Executive Briefing and $20,000 worth of high-powered consulting services from Drayton Weissenfels Inc. It’s called “Clean 15” and the idea is to connect cleantech startups with large companies. A kick-start to your cleantech business.

If you’ve got game changing technology, have demonstrated or are almost ready to demonstrate your clean technology, then find out the details here:

That’s just part of what we do at MaRS. Make connections. Build alliances. And make your cleantech idea a bit more bullet-proof, so those VCs don’t roll their eyes, but bring out their cheque-books. I’ve been at MaRS for just over four weeks now, and my job is to get the Cleantech sector rolling. These are challenging times, but if you can get an idea going now, when the market turns you’ll already be recession-proofed. No better time to help prepare our economy for the carbon-reducing stress-tests just around the corner. MaRS can help. And not just by announcing cleantech competitions! Stay tuned for more.