ClimateSpark: Calling cleantech entrepreneurs!

ClimateSpark: Calling cleantech entrepreneurs!
Do you have a cleantech idea?

There’s nothing like getting in front of a crowd to refine a talk. The more knowledgeable the crowd, the better the experience. In exactly the same way, there’s nothing like exposure to a strong crowd of cleantech industry insiders to refine a business plan. Sure, some may throw some darts. And yes, it can be a bit unnerving to reveal a fresh idea to a crowd of insiders. But there’s no better way to refine your plan, attract new customers and raise your profile. In my work as the Cleantech Practice Lead Advisor at MaRS, I’ve put lots of companies in front of a lot of people. And it always helps.

ClimateSpark is that crowd of Cleantech insiders. ClimateSpark leverages the power of online crowd sourcing, in a concerted effort to bring out great ideas for profitably cutting emissions and connecting those ideas to people who understand the space. One result that almost everyone with a seed of a business seeks is increased investor attention, and you’ll get that in spades on ClimateSpark. But even more important in my mind, is the careful attention of many critical eyes.

No business plan is perfect. No idea is hatched complete. Not in the complex interplay of technology, finance, management and regulatory environments that is cleantech entrepreneurship. What ClimateSpark will deliver is not just access to people who may be able to move your business forward, but a set of virtual mentors who will intelligently comment on your idea, criticize your marketing plan, throw darts at your assumptions and perform all sorts of other advisory services. It may hurt, but it helps. And it’s free.

Eleven of our clients have already signed up. Look for these Ontario cleantech entrepreneurs:

  • Morgan Solar (in the lead as of writing!)
  • Avante Logix
  • Earthwall
  • Firefly Power
  • Hydrostar Inc.
  • Heat-Booster
  • Proterra LED Inc.
  • Skymeter
  • Smart Energy Instruments
  • Urban Farms Organic Inc.
  • Village Technologies

So while one outcome all entrepreneurs seek is funding and customers, another outcome you’ll get is battle-hardened. And much better able to face the business world in which we all want you to succeed. Come on in!

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