Do good. Make money. Change the world. Social entrepreneurship: A preview

I’m a founding partner of Better The World.  I’m honoured to be speaking at the CIBC Presents Entrepreneurship 101 series lecture on November 18.  We hope to deliver an extraordinary 101 session.  Why?  We’re not your ordinary type of company.

We’re a for-profit social enterprise driven by a mission to change the world for the better.  And we’re thinking big.  We want to use the web as a weapon of positive change – and we’re going to use technology and marketing budgets to do it.

After launching our company over 18 months ago with a blue ocean strategy, we have a few real life lessons learned that we want to pass along.  We hope to give you what all entrepreneurs seek – experience, insight and inspiration – to help budding social entrepreneurs understand the experiences they’ll face and hopefully attract a few people to the sector.

We intend to talk a bit about the Social Enterprise Sector (its challenges and opportunities), our top 10 lessons learned and war stories that will inspire.

Our goal is for people to leave inspired – with information that can help drive greater success.

If you haven’t done so and to give you some context, please sign up as a member of, get your Cause Sidebar and start raising money… simply by surfing the web.  You can also watch our Better The World Video.

Oh and please bring a few questions to the session as we’ll leave room for Q&A.

See you on the 18th.  We’re looking forward to it.