Does innovation still matter – yes, and yes!

Good news for biotech
Good news for biotech

Top US venture investor Steve Burrill, in Halifax during National Biotechnology Week (LINK) at BioPort Atlantic says, “The life sciences will play a bigger role than ever before.”

Yes! For those of us working in and following the life sciences, this ray of hope is maybe an answer to the tempting question of today: Why am I an entrepreneur in such a demanding field?

Innovative firms don’t need to give up hope. As Burrill says, opportunities are there for those go-getters looking for them… and innovation is not going away:

Innovative technologies, taken together, are a stronger economic driver today than aerospace or even traditional forestry (that Canadian powerhouse). According to the Journal of Industrial Biotechnology, the bio-based economy contributed more to Canada’s GDP last year than either of those two sectors.

Maximizing opportunities, of course, means getting out there. During National Biotechnology Week, you can network and build connections to start building your brand at some of these events taking place across all of Canada. Starting with an exciting presentation by Seed magazine founder Adam Bly in London Ontario, the week of Sept 18 to 25, 2009, includes business seminars, opportunities to meet with senior executives of life sciences and pharmaceutical companies, events with our government learders and activities with students to engage our budding scientists in the wonder of biotechnology.