Entrepreneur Alex Kroon shares his most valuable career lessons

Entrepreneur Alex Kroon shares his most valuable career lessons

“Be bold: Brave actions create life changes.” This is how Alex Kroon, president of MaraCogna, opened and ended his Lived It Lecture at Entrepreneurship 101 last week.

Alex attributed his success as an entrepreneur to the many lessons he’s learned  along his storied journey building startups. He shared many words of wisdom in his talk.

Alex’s path took a major turn when he left his management consulting job to join an unknown telecom startup that quickly took off.  He not only shared the challenges and risks he faced starting something new, but also discussed how extremely rewarding the experience is. He explained how important it is to hire strong people who have integrity, passion, smarts and teamwork skills. And talked about how he inspired absolute commitment from his staff  and partners by sharing rewards.

I found Alex offered great insights into the peaks and valleys of leading an organization, as well as how he seeks out and acts on new opportunities. “It’s amazing what happens when you tell people what you want to do and will do,” he said. “Suddenly all these opportunities flying around will be become clear to you.”

This simple, powerful concept of having personal and shared missions really resonated with me. Alex came back to the concept of mission repeatedly throughout his talk, discussing how it has allowed him to do extraordinary things and achieve real success in business.

Watch Alex’s talk (below) to hear the  most valuable lessons he’s learned during his inspiring career.

Alex Kroon is president of MaraCogna, an advisory firm servicing companies and social entrepreneurs. He is a proven C-suite executive with experience at three high-growth companies, including two telecom startups, and experience with acquisitions and multi-nationals. Alex was CEO of a global health management firm where he led its five times growth starting as COO of a 40-person company and then leading as CEO after a successful sale. Alex is an advisor to a private equity firm and a board member of the Learning Enrichment Foundation. He studied engineering physics and began his career at a leading global management consultancy.


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