Entrepreneurs: Start your year with inspiration, advice and action!

Since 2011 has now come and gone, let’s look back at the lessons we learned to help us accomplish our goals this year.

I pulled together the top three educational videos of 2011 to help you start the New Year off with some inspiration and advice. Cheers to putting these sage words into action!

Get inspired

I call it a “delicious” startup. Tiffinday was launched with the noble cause of serving healthy food in a healthy way. The food is prepared and delivered (during lunch hours) in an eco-conscious way by a company with a sustainable, triple bottom line.



Gain advice…

Margo Crawford, President & CEO of Business Sherpa in Ottawa, gives five essential tips for entrepreneurs who are recruiting candidates for strategic startup growth.



Pitch it!

Learn about the elements of a good pitch deck and identify the key ways that successful startups communicate effectively.