Entrepreneurship 101 just went online – and enrolment is open

Entrepreneurship 101 just went online – and enrolment is open

We’re proud to announce Entrepreneurship 101 (E101) is back on November 7, 2016, in a completely new way.

The accelerated five-week course is open for enrolment and will help you take your startup idea to the next level, with lessons from Canadian startups like Wealthsimple and established investors like Janet Bannister.

Over the course of November and December, you’ll receive weekly video lessons, written guides and live-streamed Q&A chats with successful founders and leaders in the field.

Our online version of E101 builds on the same goal the course has had since its start 11 years ago: to provide practical entrepreneurship skills and everything else it takes to build and fund an innovative startup, all from entrepreneurs who have been there.

Until earlier this year, E101 was a weekly lecture series spanning 30 weeks. More than 34,000 attendees at the MaRS Centre and 23,000 watched the live webcasts in last five years alone, which we all find truly astounding and inspiring.

As Canada’s largest introductory entrepreneurship course, it’s an educational resource for early-stage entrepreneurs within our regional innovation network in Ontario, around Canada and even across the world, in Australia.

Today, we’re seeing a huge opportunity to deliver the core lessons of E101 to our online community.

Each week of the course, we dive deep into lean innovation and our favourite startup-building topics, with the help of our incredible MaRS community.

We’re thrilled to deliver E101 in a self-directed online experience, plus a certificate of completion. And we’re excited to create the opportunity for you to connect with other founders at the early stages of company building.

Our team will continue to improve and evolve the course content in the coming months, with new resources and advice for a broad spectrum of tech- and science-based companies.

Take your entrepreneurial skills to the next level on November 7. Enrolment is free and open.


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