Ever wonder how the world is changed?

Ever wonder how the world is changed?

When Social Innovation Generation (SiG) launched in 2006 the global conversation about social innovation took place between relatively few players. In 2013 we can track considerable amplification, with offices of social innovation in national governments, centres for social innovation across the globe and journals, blogs, regular newspaper columns and academic programs dedicated to the topic.

The most encouraging aspect of this growth in social innovation activity is that millions of people around the world are dedicating their time and energy to solving complex social and environmental challenges. The conversation has now deepened into the ways in which we can most effectively achieve impact and scale.

You may have arrived at social innovation as an entrepreneur or as an impact investor, or this may all be new to you. Understanding what social innovation is and the powerful impact it can have may lead to new energy or a new focus for your company or organization. With that in mind, SiG is pleased to announce the launch of the SiG Knowledge Hub.

With a focus on the resources that the SiG partnership has developed over the years, the SiG Knowledge Hub is a refreshing new portal designed to provide learning resources about creating conditions for social innovation. With clear and practical access to current thinking about social innovation, the four partners of SiG—The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, the University of Waterloo, MaRS Discovery District and PLAN Institute—and SiG’s supporting national office have assembled the resource with the goal of helping various sectors, communities and practitioners.

SiG has also designed the Knowledge Hub to ensure that it offers something for everyone, whether you are new to the topic of social innovation or already an advanced practitioner. The SiG team has identified themes that will help you on your learning journey: from understanding how to scale a new idea to injecting a social innovation focus into your business model.

Working closely with MaRS and the Centre for Impact Investing, SiG has also ensured a circular learning journey so that you can delve more deeply into the areas of your greatest interest. We hope that you find this useful as you explore all of the Knowledge Hub resources.

The SiG Knowledge Hub is a comprehensive curated learning site that will apply a developmental evaluation approach to ensure that it is constantly improving based on your feedback and for your benefit. So please visit the Knowledge Hub website, offer us your feedback and sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay current with the latest learning resources.

We hope that the Knowledge Hub will provide you with the resources you need to affect positive change in our world.