Exporting to build micro-multinationals: It’s time again

Recently, the Innovation Synergy Centre (ISCM) and the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) brought together small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from around the province for intensive, expert-facilitated workshops on successful global selling. Our focus was “how to build a successful micro-multinational”. I have to say, it was exciting to participate.

The experience got me thinking about the whole idea of exporting and the tremendous value-add it brings to a business shareholder base and its employees. Not to mention the province and the country. That said, I’ve noticed — and maybe you have as well — that, in recent times, the term “exporting” has lost its cachet. I have to wonder: what’s up with that?

When did it fall out of fashion to yell from the top of the mountain, “I AM A CANADIAN ENTREPRENEUR; MY PRODUCT WILL STAND UP AGAINST ANYTHING THE WORLD HAS TO OFFER!” ?

I built my first technology venture in the late ’90s. When I reported earnings at a quarterly board meeting, one of my directors pointed something out: “Jeremy, the great thing about this earnings report is that every loonie you’re reporting is a new loonie. Not the same old recycled one kicked around from one Canadian firm to another.” It seemed a wise comment at the time and is something I have never forgotten.

It’s about time that we Canadian entrepreneurs get loud and proud about just how well we can export, how well Canadians compete and how we can and do win on the world stage. That’s just an opinion from this guy who went on that journey a decade ago and has had the time of his life.

I dare you to join me.