Frosh Week at your (mobile) fingertips

On your own for the first time? It can be overwhelming

Leaving home and heading off to college or university often means an overwhelming mix of excitement and anxiety for students. Getting to know a new city, meeting roommates for the first time and the jam-packed social schedule of Orientation Week can be a lot to handle.

In an effort to ease tensions, universities are adopting new online applications that appeal to students’ familiarity and comfort with using digital media tools for connecting with others and staying informed. One great example of this is the University of Toronto Student Union’s decision to use EventMobi (from 5Touch Solutions, one of our clients) to keep students connected and in the loop about orientation events around campus.

EventMobi applications can be accessed through your smartphone and provide up-to-date information right at students’ fingertips. It eliminates the cost of printing orientation packages and solves the issue of getting the word out when venues change or tickets sell out.

Watch the EventMobi video

Other cool features?

  • Real-time polling and surveys offering new opportunities to engage students at events
  • Maps of venues to ensure students don’t get lost on the way
  • Analytics that allow organizers to understand usage and click throughs
  • Sponsorship opportunities that support social media links, promos, videos and pictures

At a large university like UofT, EventMobi reduces stress for everyone involved: organizers have a central site where can they manage content and facilitate the flow of key information and students have any easy-to-access web app that provides them with all the details about where they need to be and when.

It leaves everyone with more time for fun and that’s what Orientation Week is all about. Happy Frosh!