Generate some green energy

The Green Energy Act is proposing that homeowners, First Nations, farmers, communities and developers become green energy generators and conservers.  How you ask?  By engaging in Community Power.  With the new “adder” in Ontario’s Feed in tariff regime shining a spotlight on the economic potential of community involvement and ownership in renewable energy generation, the Community Power sector is on the brink of exponential growth in Ontario.

Already an established development model in many European countries, including Germany, Spain and Denmark, Community Power has identified renewable energy as not only essential towards the health of our planet, but as a vehicle towards economic independence and sustainability.  European citizen groups, cooperative members and funders have embraced the model of Community Power and are reaping the benefits of the substantial community investment earned by engaging in this model.

In this critical time of environmental instability, while we need to bring to the forefront the damage caused by green house emissions to our planet, the challenge is making sure that every Jane and John Doe understand the need for and care about the benefits brought on by renewable energy.  What better way than to make each Ontarian an investor in the green future of their province?

Community Power has the potential to make Ontario the leading jurisdiction in the world of green policy, green collar jobs and renewable energy projects – and all with a return on investment.  Are you in? If you want to learn more about investing in, and developing, community power projects in Ontario, attend the Community Power Finance Forum on Monday, May 10th at MaRS (  Register now to avoid disappointment – the last event sold out.