How do you get the attention of your target audience?

How do you get the attention of your targeted audience?  Lead their lives and live like them.

There was a real estate agent selling million-dollar mansions in Mountain View shortly after Google went public in 2004.  He knew that with the IPO there would be hundreds of new millionaires in the area. The only problem was getting their attention.  Instead of putting ads in the usual circulations, making pushy phone calls and following the usual routine, he got in the head of a millionaire Googler.

The agent went to Adwords and bought one keyword: GOOG, the company stock ticker.  Knowing each and every Googler would constantly check its stock price, this real estate agent had the monopoly attention of nearly every new millionaire in the area.

He did very well selling his mansions after that.

New Ideas

Want some new advertising and marketing ideas? Visit The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival (IAF).  IAF is the most prestigious international advertising festival. It draws thousand of entries in each award categories such as film, print, outdoor, cyber and media. It might just inspire you.