GreenHeroes: Saving the planet, one story at a time

Think helping companies move to a new low-carbon economy makes a green hero? We do! We’re honored that our very own Tom Rand has been nominated for a GreenHeroes Award by inspiring business to profit from reducing carbon emissions.

GreenHeroes are remarkable individuals who have heroically acted on an idea in order to protect our planet. And they continue to inspire people to do the same every day.

Through the web and TV, GreenHeroes tells the story of change. Tom’s nomination explains how his passion for reducing carbon led to the publication of his book (“Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit”), and the opening (soon) of the world’s greenest hotel in downtown Toronto. The hotel, Planet Traveler, has reduced its carbon footprint by 75% using different technologies. We encourage you to check Tom’s nomination out at the GreenHeroes website. When you go to the website, watch, comment and vote! Way to go Tom!

Joe Cargnelli, Hydrogenics
Joe Cargnelli, CTO, Hydrogenics

One of our cleantech clients – Joseph Cargnelli of Hydrogenics – has also been nominated. Joseph is the CTO and co-founder of Hydrogenics and has been nominated for his hard work in driving the company to success. Hydrogenics is an international leader in designing and manufacturing fuel cells systems, as well as a leading the world in hydrogen production.