Guiding your lean startup using business model analytics: Four tips for startups

Guiding your lean startup using business model analytics: Four tips for startups

How do you use data to find a financially sustainable business model during your startup’s launch process? What are the most important business activities you can focus on to create a competitive advantage?

Last month, Jon Worren, an entrepreneur-in-residence at MaRS, gave a MaRS Best Practices talk on lean analytics. He emphasized measuring both the cost of customer acquisition and the customer lifetime value to help you find a repeatable and scalable business model. Understanding the right metrics from the beginning and developing processes to measure data will give you a competitive advantage, helping to guide critical decision-making and allowing you to capture opportunities faster.

To learn more about business model analytics, check out Jon’s full presentation here.

Jon offers the following tips to entrepreneurs.

1. Pick the right metrics

Understand which metrics matter to your business. Avoid vanity metrics that don’t have any direct impact on customer acquisition or customer lifetime value.

2. Commit to measuring data 

Without data it’s impossible to compare or to learn from many of the processes you’re involved in.

3. Practice testing as your modus operandi 

Testing is fundamental to your business. Focus on improving the skills and processes that are involved in testing assumptions.

4. Make a culture of customer acquisition your competitive advantage

Focus on customer acquisition right from the beginning and make it a competitive advantage for your company.

To watch the Hot Tips video from this presentation, click here.

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