Hiring and firing: Human resources for the entrepreneur

At last week’s CIBC present Entrepreneurship 101 lecture, Tammy Sturge, of HR Transformations and four-time Entrepreneurship 101 presenter, laid it all on the line for the budding entrepreneur reviewing the ins and outs of hiring and firing. The importance of finding the right employee at the right time for the right position is crucial to building your business. Bad hires and just filling gaps can lead to the focus being in the wrong place as a business grows.

Tammy’s step-by-step tips on interviewing, offers, performance management and, yes, terminations are helpful to anyone building a business and great refreshers for those at larger organizations.

Questions for the week: What is the most interesting interview question you have ever been asked? What made it so? Have you since used it in your hiring process?

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Weren’t able to attend the class? Need some notes or want to look something up? Click below for all of the goodies from the lecture.

Human Resources Management from MaRS Discovery District on Vimeo.
Human Resources for Entrepreneurs
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