Hone your B2B sales strategy

One of the most challenging aspects of running a business is selling! And when it comes to B2B sales, it has its own flavours and pain points.

Mark Elliott, co-founder of Venture Accelerator Partners Inc., shared the fundamentals of a B2B sales strategy while explaining the importance of the value proposition and a targeted sales strategy.

His key messages included:

  • The importance of having a great value proposition.
  • The significance of using a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.
  • The best practice of identifying steps to a successful sale.
  • The need to focus on the right target contacts and accounts.

The video below contains Mark’s four hot tips, followed by his full presentation:


The following video shows Mark’s B2B Sales Strategy: Insider tips discussion and presentation from our Best Practices series.


In his presentation, Mark discusses different ways in which startups can strengthen their B2B sales strategy and highlights the importance of warm calls versus cold calls. Mark also shares tips on leading a sales team and suggests a few CRM tools that can be used effectively. Here’s Mark’s slide presentation.