How will you choose your board?

Last week’s lecture wrapped up the exciting 2011 season of Entrepreneurship 101.

Having played a significant role in many of Canada’s technology companies, lecturer David Pasieka brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussion. He chose a topic that is one of his favourites when lecturing at McMaster University: Board of Directors and other Advisors.

Courtesy of David Pasieka, Liberty Utilities

In his presentation, David discussed the important roles played by management, shareholders, boards of directors and advisory boards, and provided real-life examples of governance failures.

Check out David’s slide deck for a list of resources and tips on:

  • Directors’ duty
  • Building boards
  • Managing boards
  • Evaluating boards



Be sure to watch the Quick Hits video to get a sense of what effective boards can offer:

To watch the entire lecture, click here.

Join us on January 4 as we kick off the New Year with an exciting ‘Lived it Lecture’ featuring Canadian mining entrepreneur Ian Telfer, Chairman of Goldcorp Inc. and the World Gold Council.






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