Infographic: A portrait of the new gamers

Infographic: A portrait of the new gamers

This week’s infographic completes our look at gaming in Canada. We’ve covered the country’s rise to gaming prominence, heard from a Canadian company that’s making social games for young girls, and tabled the rise of games that have an altruistic or educational purpose, including some excellent homegrown examples.

These infographics come courtesy of research and creative agency Latitude, who conducted a study they called “The Future of Gaming“.

According to Latitude:

“The study sought to uncover how the profile of the stereotypical gamer has changed, various motivations for gaming, and the evolving role of games in moving traditionally online experiences into the “offline” world—suggesting new opportunities for game and technology developers, educators, and social innovators.

I think that dovetails nicely with the stats and stories we’ve compiled.

The future of gaming

Future of Gaming 2

The Future of Gaming 3