Innovate or stagnate: MaRS live on BNN

Catch Dr. John Evans and Gord Nixon on Squeezeplay, BNN
Dr. John Evans and Gord Nixon on BNN

Innovation must be the topic of the month. In the ruthless arena of live television, it’s not a bad sign when your seven-minute slot doubles while you’re on-air.

Incoming MaRS Chair Gordon Nixon joined Dr. John Evans, Founding Chair of MaRS, for a discussion dubbed “Innovate or Stagnate” this week on one of the liveliest business shows in Canadian television. And they so charmed Squeezeplay hosts Amanda Lang and Paul Waldie that seven minutes turned into a solid 15. At least that’s what it looked like from the Business News Network green room, although it might also have had something to do with Mr. Nixon’s full-time job as CEO of RBC…

Listen to them talk about what MaRS is all about, how we aim to stimulate the economy by helping innovative entrepreners as well as where we stand on research funding and the challenges in venture capital: