Introduction to Investment Readiness: MaRS’ online startup capital course

Introduction to Investment Readiness: MaRS’ online startup capital course

In 2015, we interviewed several startup angel and VC investors as a content-gathering and discovery process. We wanted to create something interactive and engaging to share the basics of startup investing with first-time entrepreneurs. We decided to build a short online course.

Today, I’m happy to announce that we are launching Introduction to Investment Readiness and it is available free of charge.

We’re excited about Introduction to Investment Readiness because it’s a quick way to learn a complex topic. The course is designed for entrepreneurs preparing for their seed fundraising round. Through a series of video lessons, users learn actionable tasks to get investment-ready, prepare due diligence documents and discover alternatives to angel and VC capital.

Introduction to Investment Readiness has three modules that will be released between January 11 and 29, and they will stay open after that. Making the first online course available is part of our efforts at MaRS to deepen our online content and provide entrepreneurs and innovators with more resources to build upon their knowledge. It’s also a great opportunity to reach those who are not within range of us in Toronto, or one of Ontario’s regional innovation centres in the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs.

We are kicking off the course with live Q&As with funding experts. Join us for our Week 1 Q&A with Amie Sergas, Director, Regional and Funding Programs, Business Acceleration Program (BAP), MaRS Discovery District. For Week 2, Rob Scully, Associate Director, MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund, will take part (stay tuned for schedule details).

We hope Introduction to Investment Readiness will guide you as you prepare for fundraising.

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