Jumpstarting new businesses with the Up-Start! Workshops

Jumpstarting new businesses with the Up-Start! Workshops

With the first half of the 2014-2015 Entrepreneurship 101 season coming to a close, MaRS Entrepreneurship Programs is pleased to offer a special series of our Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshops for interested applicants of the Up-Start! Competition.

The Up-Start! Competition is a business pitch competition open to participants in MaRS’ Entrepreneurship 101 lecture series. Individuals or teams must give a 10-minute presentation on an idea for a business in one of the following industry categories: Information & Communications Technology (ICT); Cleantech; and Health.

In 2015, 20 successful applicants will take part in the Up-Start! Workshops, which are a compressed version of our 15 weeks of Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshops and are specially designed for business starters who are enrolled in the Entrepreneurship 101 lecture series.

Entrepreneurs will take what they learn from the lectures and workshops to strengthen their executive summaries for the Up-Start! Competition, which takes place on May 20, 2015. The winner of the competition will take home a $15,000 prize!

If you’re interested in the Up-Start! Competition, take a look at our past five winners and read up on how they jumpstarted their new businesses.

Past winners of the Up-Start! Competition

2014  Vessel Innovations Read the blog post featuring an interview with Andre Furlotte, CEO: And the 2014 Up-Start! Winner Is…
2013  TrendyMED Read the blog post featuring an interview with Ronny Barrelli, CEO, TrendyMED: MobileIV wins $10,000 Up-Start! Competition prize.
2012  LIFEbike Read the blog post by Henry Chong, CEO, Revelo Bikes Inc.: LIFEbike: A winner’s perspective
2011  The Hot Plate Read the blog post by Amanda Garbutt, Owner and Co-founder, The Hot Plate: A winner’s take on the Up-Start! Competition
2010 Shape Collage Read the blog post about winner Vincent Cheung: Student entrepreneurship at its best

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