Launching innovative startups from Kingston’s Launch Lab

Launching innovative startups from Kingston’s Launch Lab

Note: Innovation is thriving around Ontario, with great companies emerging all over the province. This post is part of a monthly series featuring the up-and-coming companies of MaRS’ partners across Ontario.

Innovation is alive and thriving in eastern Ontario, and the team at Launch Lab is working hard to help foster and accelerate this growth. Located at Innovation Park in the heart of Kingston, Ontario, Launch Lab has a growing portfolio of clients and is helping to drive innovation and foster economic growth in the region.

When a client steps through the doors at Innovation Park they are surrounded by organizations that, together with Launch Lab, are capable of making a positive difference to their go-to-market strategy—organizations such as GreenCentre Canada and KEDCO. The facility is also home to a growing number of innovative companies and leading-edge researchers who are working every day to transform important technological discoveries, shift markets and change worlds. It’s hard not to feel the infectious buzz of this atmosphere and the desire to make a positive difference.

Launch Lab clients are introduced to a hands-on group of accomplished entrepreneurs who are devoted to helping companies grow and build wealth. It’s a cool place where innovation meets great people and great energy to help build great companies.

Whether clients are launching their first product or trying to get to their next level of global growth, Launch Lab provides the been-there-done-that expertise, tools and access to private- and public-sector funding sources that can help them get there, all at no charge to the client.

Success stories

Universal Fan & Blower Ltd.

Used in all aspects of life, fans are an essential component of thousands of applications and are manufactured in a variety of materials. Today, composite engineered fans are gaining in recognition.

Universal Fan & Blower Ltd. has become recognized for the design and manufacture of composite fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) axial and centrifugal fans. Constructed from premium corrosion grade materials, these fans offer many unique benefits in withstanding corrosive environments, and are lighter yet stronger than fans made from traditional materials.

Ravenous Games

Kingston’s Ravenous Games is a Canadian game development studio focused on mobile gaming. The company’s first hit, “League of Evil,” made it into the Top 100 Overall iPhone apps in over 15 countries, including the United States and Canada. Their follow-up, “League of Evil 2,” skyrocketed into the Top 25 most popular downloads on Apple’s App Store after being released for only 24 hours. It reached as high as No. 20 on the Canadian store and No. 32 on the US store.

Ravenous Games’ apps have been critically acclaimed by websites including,, and Other hits include “Cave Run,” “Burger Cat,” “Beatdown!,” “Random Heroes” and “Random Heroes 2.”

SYNG Pharmaceuticals Inc.

SYNG Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SYNG Pharma) is a next-generation biotechnology company that has developed the first non-hormonal treatment for endometriosis. In the US alone, the estimated costs of diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis totalled $22 billion; in Canada, a recent study predicts an economic impact of $1.2 billion. SYNG Pharma’s business model is predicated on bringing its patented technology through pre-clinical testing, Investigational New Drug filing, Phase 1 and 2a clinical trials and then exit.

Launch Lab’s reach

Covering a large and diverse geographic area, Launch Lab has clients as far west as Trenton, north to Highway 7, south to Picton and as far east as Brockville. Since the catchment is so large, Launch Lab has recently opened two satellite offices—one in Belleville and one in Picton—so we can bring our advisory services closer to our clients.



Thanks to a hard-working team, Launch Lab will continue to foster diverse innovation for entrepreneurs in eastern Ontario!