Leading the world (cup) wirelessly from Ontario

Check out the technology that drove the hype

With most of the hype surrounding the World Cup coming to a close, I wanted to share the success of MaRS client, Polar Mobile, who developed a World Cup app for Blackberry called “WC2010” that connected fans from around the world to the tournament in South Africa.

The app provided live scores, stats and standings, instant access to World Cup News and was available in five languages. The combination of user experience and content was a huge win for the company with over 265,000 downloads from Blackberry App World and more than 26,000,000 page views in 30 days!

Polar Mobile is just one example in a cluster of companies emerging from the Toronto area that are developing leading edge technology platforms that enable the delivery of uniquely branded content to consumers while on the go.

These companies are part of the digital media industry, which sits at the crossroads of the creative and information technology sectors. A new mindset drives these companies – one based on relevance, dialogue and influence supported by rich, robust technology platforms for the mobile space. How consumers engage and interact with content is much more fluid and focused around an entire experience.

Companies to watch include:

With the increasing importance of getting content and brands into the hands of consumers – and the explosion of the smartphone market, Ontario is well positioned to be a major leader in the mobile platform space. The World Cup may be over, but exciting young companies like Polar Mobile still have plenty to cheer about.