Introducing #LexTech16: Exploring the new frontier of legal innovation

Introducing #LexTech16: Exploring the new frontier of legal innovation

When McCarthy Tétrault and the MaRS LegalX cluster decided to work together, we quickly determined that we wanted to create a world-class legal innovation event that was more about meaningful conversations than vendor tables. We wanted it to be different.

We wanted an event that was a manageable time commitment—just one day—at an accessible price point. We wanted the event to bring together the full spectrum of the right people in the same room and to do so in a way that would engage those people in helping to shape where the legal profession should go.

We also wanted our event to embrace design, both theoretically and practically, and to address the future of work in the legal profession. Most importantly, we wanted to create an event that would be the beginning of something: a nexus from and around which we could further Toronto as the global legal innovation community it has absolutely become.

Introducing #LexTech16

#LexTech16 is a one-day conference that will bring together legal innovators and technologists to explore the changing legal industry.

The conference will not simply be a state of the union addressing where we stand today with legal innovation. Rather, our goal is to use April 26, 2016, as a marker and to hopefully plot our way forward in an intelligent, informed and collaborative way, sensing some currents and learning more about how to create ideas and innovations that will matter.

We’ve lined up an amazing group of speakers and facilitators who are leading the current thinking on legal innovation, including:

  • Josh Kubicki, chief strategy officer at Seyfarth Shaw;
  • Noah Waisberg, co-founder and CEO of Kira;
  • Dan Lear, director of industry relations at Avvo;
  • Shelby Austin, a partner at Deloitte Canada who leads its legal product solutions;
  • Ben Alarie, University of Toronto law professor and co-founder and CEO of Blue J Legal;
  • Chris Bentley, executive director of the Ryerson Law Practice Program and Legal Innovation Zone;
  • Mitch Kowalski, globally recognized legal writer, pundit, critic and consultant;
  • Nicole Bradick, chief strategy officer at CuroLegal;
  • the amazing design team from Sarah Prevette’s Future Design School; and many more.

If this reads like a list of great and innovative friends from in and around the legal world, you’re right, it is. Whether you forge your path in BigLaw, SmallLaw or NewLaw or whether you’re a law student, a legal academic or a current or aspiring legal entrepreneur, please come join us and get to know them. You’ll enjoy a day that will help you to see the legal industry and your place within it in a new light.