Manning Innovation Awards – Innovators Need Apply!

Since 1982, the Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation has been proud to inspire, acknowledge and award innovation within Canada.

David Mitchell, Alberta Energy Company chief executive spawned the idea to recognize innovative talent within Canada back in 1980. Enlisting the former Premier of Alberta, Ernest Manning as the champion of such idea, has created one of Canada’s most prestigious annual awards programs.  During his seven terms of office, Alberta experienced the longest sustained economic boom in its history and Ernest Manning was associated with critical thinking and acknowledging the intelligence of the common person.

“do good for the common good – a principle foundation of Ernest Manning’s life.”

This awards program is dedicated to rewarding and recognizing deserving Canadians who aspire to “do good for the common good” – a principle foundation of Ernest Manning’s life.  By means of a nomination, Canadians who have demonstrated recent innovative talent in developing and successfully marketing a new concept, process or procedure, may be eligible for one of these awards:

  • Encana Principal Award ($100,000)
  • David E. Mitchell Award of Distinction ($25,000)
  • Innovation Awards (2 at $10,000)

Recognizing that technologies do not always come from a lab, both of the $10,000 Innovation Awards are given to those without the benefit of research facilities or advanced education in the field of their innovation.

The 2011 award winners, along with their inspiring stories can be found in a recent edition of MacLean’s magazine:

The Manning Innovation Awards Foundation has an exceptional history of acknowledging and promoting leading Canadian innovation with strong market potential and differentiated IP – we strongly encourage all eligible innovators to apply as the recognition benefits stretch well beyond the awards!

The deadline for applications is December 1st, 2011.  For more information on the Manning Innovation awards, rules, eligibility and how to apply follow this link: