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Announcing the MaRS Future of Medicine™ online video channel highlighting outstanding presentations from the inaugural MaRS Future of Medicine™ Conference held in Toronto on November 12, 2009.

The mission of MaRS Future of Medicine™ is to showcase Ontario’s leading life sciences innovations, share best practices for commercial development and help facilitate industry partnership and investment. If you missed the sessions or just want a refresh, tune in now!

This conference focused on Ontario’s breakthroughs in stem cell science and oncology — two areas in which our province has incredible strength and depth.

Tune in to the conference channel now!

The online resource features such topics as:

  • Optimized derivation of iPS cells
  • iPS cells as resources to identify novel drug targets
  • An unlimited blood supply from stem cell technology
  • High resolution imaging in cancer
  • Rapid one-step diagnostics using rare biomarkers
  • Novel therapeutic approaches for prostate cancer and liver cancer

Another feature is the panel discussion on the most effective means for advancing novel medical technologies: should we follow the proprietary or open access route?  The participating organizations in this forum included DRI Capital, MaRS Innovation, Structured Genomics Consortium and King & Spalding LLP.

Finally, our video channel features engaging interviews with leading scientists, entrepreneurs and patent lawyers engaged in creating the future of medicine.

Our next conference in this event series will be the MaRS Future of Medicine International Symposium on Nitric Oxide and other Gaseous Neurotransmitters Symposium on May 26-27, 2010.

Stay tuned for more from the front lines of medical innovation with MaRS Future of Medicine™!