MaRS Phase 2 construction update

MaRS Phase 2 construction update

It’s been a few months since I’ve updated you on the MaRS Phase 2 construction progress. Here’s a snapshot of what’s been happening next door.

The penthouse is bustling with activity—we now have the major pieces of equipment on site that will complete the mechanical and electrical infrastructure of the building, including electrical switchboards, mechanical units and generators. Some of you may have seen some of these large items being hoisted to the top of our building over the past few months.

Generator muffler being hoisted to the roof

The curtain wall is now up to the penthouse level, giving the building the life and shape we’ve been seeing in renderings.

Our atrium connection is taking shape with the skylight glazing and heritage restoration work now complete.

A view of the future atrium, which will connect to the original MaRS building

What’s coming next

As you may recall, MaRS Phase 2 is a core and shell building, and a major milestone will be met in February 2013 when our tenants start their interior construction. The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research will be starting work in February and will be expanding from the existing MaRS South Tower to Phase 2.

Tom Hudson, president of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, and Ilse Treurnicht, MaRS CEO, on the bridge that connects OICR’s spaces in Phase 2 with the MaRS South Tower

Landscaping and atrium finishes will soon start and mechanical and electrical trades will continue with their excellent progress.

We continue to look forward to watching our building come to life!