MaRSians raise funds for the Terry Fox Foundation

MaRSians raise funds for the Terry Fox Foundation

This week the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research hosted its annual Great Canadian Hair “Do” event at the MaRS Centre in support of The Terry Fox Foundation. Participants fundraised during the weeks leading up to the event and shaved their heads in front of friends and colleagues.

The Terry Fox Foundation is a charitable organization that was started in memory of the late Canadian cancer research activist Terry Fox. Terry was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 1977, which resulted in his right leg being amputated. Terry decided to run across Canada to bring greater awareness to cancer and to raise funds for cancer research, calling it the Marathon of Hope.

Terry is a national hero who has inspired thousands of people to continue his legacy of cancer research activism, and the Great Canadian Hair “Do” is one of the events that helps keep his dream alive.

Hadi Salah, senior industry analyst at MaRS, participated in the event, along with Dr. Tom Hudson, President and Scientific Director of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.

Hadi raised a total of $1,330 for the cause and had his curly locks shaved off. Check out the before and after pictures below.


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