Mentorship for the Ontario life science community

For life sciences mentors and proteges

The BIOTECanada-PricewaterhouseCoopers 2009 Canadian Life Sciences Forecast identified several critical areas for improvement in the industry. Near the top of the list was finding “experienced senior management.” Well, experienced senior management doesn’t grow on trees. We either have to import it or create and grow it locally. Many survey respondents identified “active involvement in mentoring programs” as a key part of Canada’s competitive strategy.

We’re launching a mentorship program through TBI this Fall that will make Ontario a more attractive community to recruit to, and that will create and hone local talent.

The program is designed to maximize flexibility:

“The TBI Mentorship program is designed for science and business professionals at any stage in their career. It matches people based on interests of proteges and industry experience of mentors to facilitate a good fit between the mentoring partners. The TBI Mentorship program allows mentors and protégés to define their goals and expectations, while providing tools, resources and training conducive to a meaningful mentoring experience.”

We are already in the process of recruiting significant numbers of mentors and protégés across all experience levels and with a wide variety of skills and interests. We will also hold quarterly events to let all participants share tips and expand their networks (and partake of BEvERages).

If you are interested in participating, please pre-register by following this link, and stay tuned for the formal launch of the program at the TBI breakfast on September 17th, to coincide with the kick-off of National Biotechnology Week.