Patient monitoring becomes more friendly with Mespere

Mespere's CVP Monitor

You’re at your doctor’s office, having your heart checked out. Suddenly they bring out a a catheter and want to insert it into your neck, chest or groin. Pretty terrifying, right?

Waterloo-based med tech start-up Mespere Lifesciences is about to change all that. Poised to revolutionize the patient monitoring market, Mespere’s non-invasive central venous pressure (CVP) monitor can be used at your bedside to measure CVP accurately in real time.

This type of CVP monitoring also reduces the safety risks involved in traditional methods, including infection.

CVP is important to monitor clinically and is a standard measurement for assessing cardiac health and venous oxygenation. Invasive measurement of CVP is also impractical in many patients, including those with heart failure and kidney disease.

Pulse oximeters, a non-invasive arterial oxygen monitor, which not long ago was considered emerging technology, is now a standard of care in patient monitoring representing $500M global market.

Mespere’s on the tip of a new trend in patient monitoring which is why it’s not surprising that they were the only Canadian company selected to be showcased at the Life Science Alley’s Technology Showcase 2009 in Minnesota. Life Science Alley is one of the premier life sciences and medical device conferences with the Minnesota region represents one of largest and most important clusters for the medical device industry which is home to industry giants such as Boston Scientific and leading clinical institutions such as the Mayo Clinic.  With disruptive technology in patient monitoring, an important market for big players such as GE, Phillips and Covidien, it’s no wonder Mespere is gaining the interest of strategic partners and investors alike.