Mind the gap… the commercialization one

In our most recent issue of Convergence, we asked our trusted Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and Advisors across the province to speak from experience and lend some snippets of sage advice to technology entrepreneurs.

In “Bridging the Gap” we bring to light some common commercialization and business challenges that are oftentimes overlooked by entrepreneurs, or discovered a little too late be to addressed. At a time when our start-up clients have cash on the brain – “need more, where can I get more, just give me more” – some good, relevant advice might help entrepreneurs save cash to weather the storm, and possibly even find some.

Take a look at what they have to say here:
Mind The Gap: Bridging the gap between invention and market
View more presentations from Cathy Bogaart.

Also in this issue, check out a commentary on the current state of VC in Canada, stories on our client companies (SoftShell, Echologics and Skymeter), and find out more about what goes on in this commercialization station we call MaRS.