New in the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit: Stock option plans and other compensation tools for your startup

New in the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit: Stock option plans and other compensation tools for your startup

In our latest addition to the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, we focus on compensation strategies for employees. We look at the financial tools you can use in combination with a base salary, including employee stock option pools (ESOP), profit sharing and bonus payment plans.

These articles cover a key component of your startup’s overall financial strategy. They can help you get started in thinking about resource compensation and the various incentive tools and tactics you can use as leverage to secure top talent and hire key positions—strategies that are most relevant for startups in the formation stage.

Stock option plans can help build long-term commitment and a real sense of ownership for early employees (not to mention capital gain, too). Typically you’d start with issuing the founders’ equity and stock and then build a stock option plan to grant options to employees, board members and advisors. The articles below will help you determine what to expect when looking at option plans and how it will affect the capital structure of your company. This clarity is important for obvious reasons, but especially so when you need to raise financing.

We also delve into the common pitfalls to avoid when designing option plans—you want to get it right the first time to prevent problems later on. As well, we cover the pros and cons of profit sharing as a complementary or stand-alone incentive tool.

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