Now in the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit: Collections

Now in the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit: Collections

This month, MaRS’ Education team is excited to announce the newest feature in the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit: Collections.

The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit offers resources with strategic advice, lessons learned from experienced entrepreneurs and step-by-step guides to help you navigate the various stages of your growing startup.

The Toolkit itself has been designed for users to access resources as quickly as possible and we continue to build for that experience. However, we want to build areas of the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit where you can spend time, explore and go into deeper discovery for a more immersive online learning experience. We started with a tagging system and advanced search, and now we’re building Collections for better navigation to our educational content.

Our newest Collections: Accounting, IP, Market Research and Founder’s Challenges

Collections are resources sorted by topic. The curated guides allow you to explore and find relevant articles and tools by specific topic all in one experience. This month, we launched Collections for:

In just a few clicks, you can find deep level content in a wide range of topics. The pages are rich and immersive, full of videos, templates and articles. Videos are previewed with a thumbnail and you can hit play while exploring the other resources. We’ve also designed Collections to be simple to use and easy to navigate in a mobile experience.

New Collections in Entrepreneur's Toolkit

Coming soon: Collections on Startup Funding, Legal Issues

In the coming weeks we will release more Collections on Startup Funding, Legal Issues and more. We also have plans for future experimentsthis year, we plan to launch a set of investment readiness lessons and include updates to many of our existing content Collections. Based on user feedback we will evolve the feature and build in recommendations to other relevant content throughout the site. We hope you enjoy the new Collections in the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit.

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