Off the Cuff: Aarash Sofla – founder of uFluidix

Off the Cuff: Aarash Sofla – founder of uFluidix

MaRS caters to a client base of over one thousand entrepreneurs, each with their own stories, struggles and accomplishments.

In Off the Cuff, a new video series, we decided to focus our cameras on some of these unique characters to reveal the personal, human side of entrepreneurship that is often overshadowed by metrics and profits.

The Off the Cuff series features informal, two-minute interviews with entrepreneurs across MaRS’ key sectors. Each entrepreneur answers a range of questions on topics ranging from personal opinions to professional insights about resolving conflicts and surpassing obstacles.

Starting and running a company doesn’t automatically entail a life of BMWs and Champagne. Tears are shed, sacrifices are made and a lot of hard work happens behind the scenes. Off the Cuff is a candid, insider’s look into the struggles that entrepreneurs face on their journey to success.

For the first episode we are pleased to present  Aarash Sofla, founder of uFluidix. One day in the lab, Aarash stumbled upon a solution that improves DNA analysis and diagnostics. He was so confident about his discovery that he gave up his beloved lab coat for a business suit – and so began his entrepreneurial journey.

Watch his story here: