Off the Cuff: Faizal Karmali of Quinzee

Off the Cuff: Faizal Karmali of Quinzee

While traveling abroad, Faizal Karmali and Lee Bremer realized the potential of smart meters for promoting smarter household energy use.

Back in Ontario, the duo developed a fun, easy-to-use application to track and analyze the data collected by smart meters—Quinzee was born! 

Faizal’s confidence in the product and his unwavering environmental consciousness motivated him to resign from a stable corporate career.

In fact, this boldness is a defining entrepreneurial characteristic – one that both Faizal and Lee promote at the Quinzee office. They have a rule about socks – they can be the same colour, but just not blue or black! Their justification: if you can’t be bold with the small things, you’re never going to be bold when it counts!  

Watch their story below: