Off the Cuff: Kelly Fallis from Remote Stylist

Off the Cuff: Kelly Fallis from Remote Stylist

Note: The Off the Cuff video series features informal, two-minute interviews with entrepreneurs across MaRS’ key sectors. 

There seems to be a common belief that the life of a technology startup involves one giant pizza party with some coding in between. In this video, Kelly Fallis, founder and CEO of Remote Stylist, dispels this myth. 

For Kelly, running her own startup has been challenging, isolating and time-consuming. She often found herself alone in her office, working late into the night while her friends partied. But despite her dwindling social life, Kelly would not trade her career choice for anything in the world. 

She loves the excitement of being an entrepreneur, meeting new people and fulfilling a service that she found missing in her industry. 

Watch her story below: