Ontario Trillium Foundation supports innovative community program: The School for Social Entrepreneurs Ontario

Yesterday the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) announced its generous support of the School for Social Entrepreneurs – Ontario (SSE-O), a grant that will enable the SSE-O to establish its innovative entrepreneurial program in local communities across the province.

Eager to start its next stage of development, the SSE-O is the latest addition to the growing social enterprise community in Ontario and will become the go-to place for local mavericks looking to get their community projects up and running.

The SSE-O is being led by a collaborative group of partners:

  • Social Housing Services Corporation (SHSC)
  • Social Innovation Generation MaRS (SiG@MaRS)
  • ACCESS Community Capital Fund (ACCESS)
  • Social and Enterprise Development Innovations (SEDI)

Social Housing Services Corporation will incubate the SSE-O, enabling the school to run cohorts in Toronto beginning in the spring 2012 and, in subsequent years, in Ottawa and Windsor.

The SSE-O will offer our local community a unique approach to learning that enables people to use their creative and entrepreneurial abilities for social benefit through a practitioner-led and action-based experience.

The SSE-O is currently recruiting the first of two staff positions to run the school and facilitate learning (see Development & Partnerships, Director job posting here). The student cohort will be made up of 20 individuals that are enthusiastic, determined and committed – all driven by their goal to see their enterprise succeed.

The SSE-O model is centered on growing strong leaders, individuals that have an entrepreneurial mindset, who are committed to a social mission and who understand the community they are aiming to serve. The SSE-O does not require students to have specific educational or professional experience, and it is committed to accessible, inclusive enrolment regardless of economic status.

Do you think you have what it takes to become one of Ontario’s first SSE Fellows? The first cohort will be enrolled in the spring 2012. Stay tuned to the SSE-O website for upcoming information sessions and updates on this exciting project’s emerging opportunities.

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