Peek into the future of medicine at MaRS!

The future of medicine is fast approaching.

On November 17 we’ll be holding our third annual MaRS Future of Medicine™ Conference, featuring an exciting agenda highlighting some of the greatest advances in medical innovation in Canada.

In the morning, we’ll kick off with a keynote presentation by Ken Galbraith – General Partner at Ventures West. Ken is one of the most accomplished figures in Canadian biotech and is highly respected by industry and investment leaders. We’ll have the opportunity to learn about where he thinks the life sciences industry is headed and how Canadian innovators can benefit.

Future of Medicine 2011 eventFollowing that, we’ll focus on advances in the field of neuroscience, a hugely important medical specialty in terms of its impact on patients, their families and society as a whole. In particular, we’ll learn about breakthrough innovations in the fields of pain, addiction, Alzheimer’s disease and brain imaging.

The afternoon session covers the area of translational development, a field that has never been more important. Thanks to technological convergence, researchers are making powerful discoveries in multiple fields at an unprecedented rate, just as the pharma industry is clamouring for new drug candidates. Seems like a match made in heaven. However, much work is required to “de-risk” these discoveries before the pharma industry can engage with a full clinical program. Our afternoon session will feature presentations from organizations that do exactly that in the areas of cancer, genomics, stem cells and translation.

And we haven’t forgotten partnering! We always want to facilitate B2B and business-to-research collaborations as much as possible, and will once again feature a partnering forum with online meeting planning support.

Be sure to reserve your seat before we sell out!

Speaker List

Kenneth Galbraith, General Partner, Ventures West

Michael Salter, Head of Neurosciences & Mental Health, Hospital for Sick Children

Neil Cashman, CSO & Co-Founder, Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd

Fang Liu, Head of Molecular Neuroscience, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Thomas Hudson, President & Scientific Director, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Michael May, CEO, Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine

John Soloninka, President & CEO, The Health Technology Exchange

Max Fehlmann, President & CEO, Quebec Consortium for Drug Discovery

Rafi Hofstein, President & CEO, MaRS Innovation

Mark Poznansky, President & CEO, Ontario Genomics Institute

David Bogart, Director of Research Programs and Industry Relations, Ontario Brain Institute