See the 3D world through the eyes of Verold

3D for the masses

How would you like to play a 3D video game with your family as the main characters? Or how about walking around a 3D virtual city of Toronto that shows all the details of the city as you know it?

Sound like technology that you’d expect in the next 15 to 20 years? Thanks to award-winning Toronto start-up Verold, we may have to only wait a few years to get there.

Verold’s software reduces the time to create ready-to-animate 3D content for games, web content, augmented and virtual reality as well as films.

It’s been proven consistently that 3D content is more engaging and immersive, allowing for a better user experience, but why is 3D content not yet widely adopted? A huge portion of the costs for 3D content is the labour — it’s expensive because it takes so long and is quite complicated. It’s a key factor in the limited 3D content we see right now. Verold’s technology has the potential to make 3D content creation so cheap and easy that the average person can create their own 3D images for their own personal use, whether it be for videos or games. I for one am anxious to see the day when 3D is everywhere. Just imagine the massive influx of 3D videos that will flood YouTube!

So how can I place such high hopes on a small start-up? Verold is no ordinary start-up.

1. They are the 2010 winners of TieQuest’s Business Venture Competition (a network of highly affluent and influential entrepreneurs supporting start-ups), receiving over $81,000 in prizes.

2. They have been selected for the competitive “48 hours in the valley program” by the C100 (a collection of high-powered Canadian executives supporting Canadian start-ups).

3. And just yesterday, Verold won the $7500 elevator pitch prize at OCE Discovery 2010.

Then add MaRS to the list of groups supporting Verold – they’re our client and we’ve been helping them along the way. That’s one heck of a group that can provide a lot of leverage to a start-up.

Now, winning competitions is certainly not enough. They also have significant traction with lead customers and even in such a tough VC market, already have investors of all types knocking on their door. It also doesn’t hurt that they’ve got a superstar CEO and CTO (Jad and Matthew) running the company. I might be a bit biased since I know them and have seen Verold grow from the very start, however, I truly believe that Verold is on an exponential path to success.

So if you’re wishing you could tour the world but can’t afford to do it, Verold might just bring the whole world to your doorstep in an immersive 3D form. You and your friends might not need to leave your home!