Shift left: Read about new business models in digital health

Shift left: Read about new business models in digital health

The traditional model of healthcare is being forced to change under pressure from increased patient access to technology and medical information, as well as a global demand to achieve better health outcomes for the money being spent.

We’re seeing what is known as a “shift left”: a shift in care from the high-cost hospital setting to a lower-cost community setting. This shift—along with new solutions that leverage data and mobile technologies—has created ideal conditions for innovative companies to disrupt the existing healthcare model.

MaRS’ healthcare IT sector has been growing steadily for the past two-and-a-half years, and today we have a burgeoning client cohort that is capitalizing on these opportunities.

In our newly released report, titled New Business Models in Digital Health, we feature six outstanding clients who are upending the traditional approach to healthcare.

  • MetricAid:MetricAid’s software and methodology drastically decrease wait times in hospital emergency departments without the need for additional resources. (MetricAid was also featured in last Tuesday’s blog post!)
  • DMAR: The Dialysis Measurement Analysis and Reporting (DMAR) system provides dialysis programs with high-quality benchmarking information to improve their practices while lowering costs.
  • Liberate Health: Liberate Health’s platform helps healthcare professionals create and share educational content with patients to inform them about their conditions, treatments and ongoing disease management.
  • Sensory Technologies: Sensory Technologies’ care-centred wireless smartphone and web application system transforms home care into an electronic data collection and real-time information system.
  • Evolution Health Systems: Evolution Health Systems improves adherence to treatment plans and optimizes patient outcomes.
  • VitalHub Corp: VitalHub’s software platform and mobile applications allow clinicians to rapidly access patient information from multiple clinical information systems.

Check out the report to learn a little more about game-changing ideas like these!