Show me the money!

What is your business structure? What are the requirements and resources you’ll need for your business to succeed? What is your industry’s market already like? How do you plan on financing your business: debt, equity, bootstrapping?

These are some of the key questions discussed at last week’s Entrepreneurship 101 lecture – Different Types of Entrepreneurship. Tony Redpath, VP of Partner Programs at MaRS, and Allyson Hewitt, Director of Social Innovation at MaRS, stressed the importance of asking yourself these key questions before committing to your business.

If you’re not convinced that these are important questions to ask then ask yourself this: do you want to see the money? Whether the money is simply for profit or a greater social purpose, most likely your answer is yes. Well guess what? Asking yourself these questions can shed light on some key aspects to your business that you didn’t realize needed to be addressed.

Downloads and Resources:

Entrepreneurship 101 2010/11 – Week 2 – Different Types of Entrepreneurship from MaRS Discovery District on Vimeo.
Ent101 – Different Types of Entrepreneurship
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