Launch of social tech week, Net Change

Toronto's first social tech for social change week
The social tech for social change week

Toronto is abuzz with innovators, social entrepreneurs, digital media developers and leading design thinkers, not to mention a swath of charitable organizations dedicated to social change.

Imagine if these communities were working together. It could be transformational.

Net Change is a week-long event, June 8-12, 2009, designed to explore how social technology can bolster social change. Presented by the Social Innovation Generation team at MaRS (SiG@MaRS), Net Change Week will tap into the potential that exists when new methods of communicating, organizing and mobilizing are brought to bear on chronic social issues.

Why cast a “net” over TO? Toronto is bubbling with activity in this space, but, not uncommonly, there is much overlap in both resources and audiences. Creating a “catch all” for disparate activity achieves a winning combination:

  1. Clarity on program overlaps
  2. Potential collaborations for program administrators
  3. A single entry point for interested parties from all over North America, providing context and a continuum of learning, rather than disconnected one-off events.

Fellow capacity builder and Program Manager at the Centre for Social Innovation, Eli Malinski sounds off on Net Change: “Social technology is revolutionizing social change. At their most basic level, new technologies are enabling new forms of information sharing, movement coordination and citizen participation. But we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible. Net Change is a critical part of our exploration into how we can better tap into the potential that exists at the intersection of social technology and social change.”

What does it look like? Net Change is the banner under which all sorts of partners are hosting events, discussions and workshops that align with the core mission of exploring the intersection of social change and new media.

Check out the calendar to choose from daytime programming such as:

And in the evenings, Net Change brings unique community collaborations like:

  • Mobile Monday takes a social change perspective
  • teams with Tech Soup Canada for Toronto Net Tuesday
  • Wired Wednesday gets a dose of Web of Change
  • Refresh Events encourages collaborative partnerships

We believe that more people should feel empowered to connect. That more people should know how to tell their stories of doing good and changing the world. We believe in big shifts.

Mark your calendars and be part of the change!

Net Change’s ticketed and free events are taking place at the MaRS Centre.  For more information on events and how to be involved, check out

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